Wooded 5 acre Tracts

Buy Lots For Sale In Tennessee The Mountains

Looking for  retirement property? What about a weekend getaway away from the hustle of busy streets, work and noise ? We would like to introuduce a new way of life for you, high atop a mountain in middle Tennessee. We have only 4 lots available to sell in the gated property of Hanging Rock for those who want to relax, unwind, take a long walk, enjoy wildlife at it's best and most of all peace of mind. These lots are wooded and instead of purchasing someone else's dream home, you can create your own, just for you in mind on your new estate in the Mountains of Tennessee.

Affordable Wooded Lots Of Land For Sale at Lowest Prices Anywhere

When you come to our property, you will not find an interstates, Walmarts, traffic lights, intersections or many people. You may occasionally run upon an area resident physician walking her lab on the gravel road or perhaps see a child or two fishing at the nearby lake when you approach the Hanging Rock Properties. What you will not see is elaborate parties, drinking, drugs, mobile homes, cars, or people passing by to notice who is new in town. None of this exists. This property is seculded on the end of a road on the side of a large mountain and it's gated only for area residences. Each resident owner will have both in and out gate access keys and you can rest assured when you leave, upon your return, things will be as untouched as the time you departed. With neighbors like family, and a crime rate that doesn't exist, this would be a prime location to raise children and homeschool, retire in maximum security and privacy or build a weekend or holiday home.


When You Live In This Tennessee Mountain Land Lot Community, Your Family

Area residences share walks, fishes, hikes in the mountains across the lane, picks fresh huckleberries to make pies with and shares porch time conversations. That's about as busy as folks get in this area. Or perhaps the ladies may enjoy taking a drive to the local goodwill to catch up on some antique junk shopping therapy for a busy day out then a drive over to the local Cracker Barrel for lunch then back to the country. No matter what your age, you can enjoy life to the fullest on a country getaway property like Hanging Rock Property.