See The Wildlife


This property is among the amish and we own a dairy farm right around the bend. So come on over and get you a gallon of our farm fresh jersey milk, churn your own butter and make your own cheese! Our lots are in a private gated small community where a couple Nashville Doctor's reside weekends and a couple locals. It's nestled in the Menneonite community of Skymont in Altamont Tennessee. Where life is slow and peaceful. This private gated community has only access to the residents so this is the prime vacation or retirement community with only a couple houses hidden in the entire subdivision.


Bears roam the hollows and mountains and every once in a while you will see one pass by hunting a fish or some berries with their youth.


We are so proud of our pet fox, FOXIE. He came to see us when he was young and now he comes to our porch for a visit every evening. We have to watch our hands because he knows that's where his sweet treats are. He's been such a joy!


Turkey is in abundance in this area. Nestled high in the Tennessee hills, the food supply never ends on this plateau. That is, if you can stand to kill something :)

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