Lake #3 The Catfish Lake

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1,000,000,000.00 LBS
Lake #3 The Catfish Lake

This lake is the creme de la cream. It has it all. Catfish pond loaded with premium huge catfish and bass. A huge tractor trailer dicing board and excellent swimming and camping place. This is prime country.

The Benefits of Living In A Gated Community

For those looking to get out of the city, there's plenty of Tennessee land for sale but none like ours located high atop a mountain overlooking the beautiful Viola and Pelham Valleys. There are major benefits to relocating to a gated community. Living in a gated community can give a sense of exclusivity that one doesn't get from living anywhere else, especially the city where nearly anyone can live. Tennessee mountain land for sale can offer the exclusivity one seeks and every other benefit that comes from moving to the gated community in the area. Although living in a gated community isn't for everyone, such environments are highly desirable for many reasons and it's not hard to figure out why.

Perhaps you're feeling nostalgic about the feeling of a 'real sense of community' that large cities lack and want to get back to that, or want to experience that type of environment for the first time. Gated communities often have community events where everyone is welcome to attend, which is great for getting to know all your neighbors at one setting. It adds to the sense of security that you get from living there by knowing who's next door, across the street, and down the block, etc. You'll feel a lot more comfortable with your surroundings, which is not a feeling that usually comes from living in a large, crowded city where you have no idea who potentially comes in near contact with you (or your kids if applicable) on a daily basis. You'll not only feel safer letting your kids play outside, but your kids will also feel safer playing outside too.

Gated communities also tend to be extremely quieter than the city; There's not nearly as much traffic passing through a gated community as there are on the streets and highways of a city, since gated communities have limited access to only those who live there and their residents guests, there's no excess traffic. Peace and quiet is what you'll often get in these environments regardless of whether it's 'rush hour' or the middle of the night. In addition to there being less noise emitted from traffic in gated communities, there is also a reduced chance of getting hit by a car; which is another worry parents would be able to worry less about when their kids are playing outside. Less traffic means the streets won't be 'busy' with potential dangers. Even blocks of homes throughout the city has excessive traffic passing through on a daily basis.

Gated communities provide a sense of security and privacy that's great for individuals looking for such an environment, or families with young kids. Parents who want to keep their kids from being overly influenced by city life, and the possible dangers that come from it, can often find that gated communities are a much better alternative place to live. Since gated communities have limited access, the chances of theft and home invasions are greatly reduced because of the types of security that's in place. You'll probably feel a lot safer living in a gated community than anywhere else (especially at night), especially the city, where burglaries and home invasions happen rather frequently. The odds of vandalism and strangers lurking around the premises are also greatly reduced. Living in the city, you're not capable of knowing who's coming or going in your area at all times.

Another benefit that comes with living in a gated community that isn't necessarily offered by a city, is the appealing look of the environment. All areas of a city are not usually kept looking nice and the landscaping isn't always properly cared for, aspects that could deter from the overall appeal of an area. Issues you don't have with a gated community because everything is taken care of as it should be. The environments are usually a lot nicer, especially the Tennessee mountain land for sale. Although the low crimes rates that gated communities offer to their residents is the major key point in why it's a better (and safer) place to live, the stunning environment mixed with the daily peace and quiet are just all extra bonuses that should make your decision of moving that much easier to make.

With so much Tennessee land for sale, if you've been thinking about making the move to a gated community in the mountains, now is the time to really start considering it. Only a gated community can offer you the type of security, privacy, sense of community, and environment that you seek. If you've been thinking about getting out of the city, that's all enough reason you need to actually do so.

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