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There are many reasons why people choose to live in a gated community. From the perceived sense of security, to the sense of belonging to a private community it's really all about being safe and belonging to a group of people who share the same drive.

If you are a potential homeowner looking for Tennessee land lots for sale that offer at least 5 acre lots with seclusion and privacy, there are many real estate professionals who can help you find the right gated neighborhood for the right price. There are many home lots for sale in Tennessee that buyers can choose from. And when it comes to a gated location the options are vast.

Many homes that sale in privacy areas, are bought by families who want to reside in a community of this magnitude. Homeowners also tend to want the sense of security when it comes to buying a home in a gated neighborhood.

It's important to understand that when one lives in a gated neighborhood the surroundings are much different than living in a regular neighborhood. Owners don't experience strangers driving through the neighborhood nor do they experience traffic associated with open streets.

Statistics show that many realtors sell homes in gated communities to divorced or divorcing parents who are seeking more control of unauthorized access to their property and their children by the former significant others.

When it comes to finding a home with a high level of safety, gated neighborhoods allow residents to live with less fear and a more comfortable attitude when it comes to living behind a gate that is protected by a security guard or built with code system. Gated communities are also good for people who decide to live alone and tend to worry about home invasions.

Even though it's not really said, gated communities are seen as premium neighborhoods in real estate terms. These types of homes have added value due to everything that is offered. Greater sense of ownership is also associated with the facility and infrastructure of a private gated community.


This Community Has Been A Godsend We Feel Like For Escape From The City Life

Despite the idea that living in seclusion isn't as great as living in an open neighborhood, many people tend to think that buying home lots for sale in tennessee in a gated area offers protection from vandalism, fear of walking in the streets after dark, break-ins and lurking strangers. And since it's much harder for people to gain access to your home, crime rates tend to be much lower.

Another thing that owners can appreciate when living in a gated area is the ability to allow their children to play, walk and ride bikes safely. The traffic alone is less of an issue because there is no thru traffic and the gated neighborhood tends to have minimal traffic because residents and their guests come and go without having to deal with the passing thru of other drivers.

Cost is an important factor that makes buying tennessee land lots for sale in a gated neighborhood something to consider. Homes secured by gates exhibit pride of ownership.This factor alone gives more value to home. Another thing to consider when buying 5 acre lots in a gated location is that the grounds are well maintained. This encourages communities to keep their homes in tip top shape. Private streets are owned by the entire community. And the cost of maintenance for community streets are usually included in the annual dues. Homeowner dues can cost up to $1600 a year and includes fertilizing grass, weed control, edging and mowing yards, repairing of gates and streets.


Potential buyers will notice that many custom built luxury homes are located in gated neighborhoods.When it comes to gated locations, owners have the ability to choose the level of security, giving potential buyers options. Despite the security that comes along with living in such an environment, emergency vehicles have all access to the grounds, which tend to bring another sense of safety to residents. Emergency vehicles are given private codes that allow them to enter the community when needed.


Gated areas are filled with people who are united and tend to look out for each other. Investing in this type of lifestyle deems to be a bit more costly compared to regular neighborhoods but to most homeowners it's worth every penny.